SV Harley Kid's Tiara



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Add a magical touch to your big day by wearing this sparkling tiara. You will be instantly transformed into a fairytale princess.

  • Height: 1.77 inches
  • Diameter: 5.11 inches
  • Embellishment: Crystal
  • Metal: Alloy


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    1. 80%
      Beautiful crown
      I like that this doesn’t have combs on it that sometimes dig into the scalp. It is actually comfortable and isn’t easily bent. The quality feels good even though I know losing a stone is a possibility in the future. I have spent more (on a like item) for lesser quality so I am thrilled with this beautifully sparkly crown!
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    2. 100%
      BY:Corinne Putnick
      Dazzling, Glamorous, Sparkling!!!
      This tiara is something out of a fairy tale. It is well made with a menagerie of rhinestones and colors. It is simply lovely, eye-catching, and without a doubt would make the recipient feel like a princess. I could easily imagine this head piece as an accessory for a pageant, ballet/dancing, holidays, weddings, birthdays, special occasions, photos, dress up, as well as for a collection or display. I think the young or young at heart would appreciate such a beautifully made tiara as this one. Great unique gift option. AAA+++
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    3. 100%
      BY:Anna K.
      I got the Arouca borealis style because it looks VERY similar to the cramp in the movie Tangled, and completely unprompted 2 of my friends pointed that out as well so it definitely gives that vibe. It did arrive with 2 loose gems in the sleeve but when I inspected it to put them back in I couldn't see where they had fallen out so they may be extras. The packaging isn't fancy, the crown is in a long sleeve of plastic wrap that was a little annoying to try and slide off so I ended up just cutting it open, and it was otherwise loose in an brand polymailer. The sizing is a bit weird, the headband is pretty tight on an adult but doesn't really stay on my kid's head- (she's almost 3 but measured around 4.5 and has a big beautiful head for that awesome brain) it's definitely sized for an older kid like 7-10 range and maybe into preteens. But it is a metal headband and you can kind of sort of manipulate it, but not too much if you won't want to risk breaking the crown off. If I do some small braids in my daughters hair and thread the headband through those it supports it a little better but her hair is still super fine and way too smooth of a texture to hold like that for very long. It's a very pretty crown and I'll definitely keep it around but it might need to be a decoration for a little while.
      0 0
    4. 80%
      BY:Y. Wang
      Eye catching statement piece but wish there were grooves in the band
      This is a sturdy but still flexible grand looking tiara that definitely makes a statement. It seems better quality than other kid tiaras I’ve gotten and it doesn’t seem as likely to break. I thought it would be a bit big for my 3 year old, especially without grooves in the headband to help keep it in place better, but it actually stays in place pretty well and looks perfect on her. The top is pretty weighty so you need to balance it on your head at the right angle for it to stay. Otherwise, it’s a pretty tiara and perfect to go with a Frozen or princess dress.
      0 0
    5. 100%
      BY:Mark T
      Most Impressive!
      We got this for our Grandaughter She's into Princesses still at age 8. We figured this would be some plastic cheezy-looking thing instead if a Tiera can look classy this does. This is made out of metal and handset rhinestones as far as I can tell everyone that has seen this that we know is impressed.
      0 0
    6. 100%
      The princess tiara came in a lovely white box with the name SWEETV embossed in gold on the top. The large crystals are stunning. They change color as the crown moves. There are an abundance of smaller crystals circling the crown. A lovely and unusual crown.
      0 0
    7. 100%
      sparkly and cute
      This is a very cute little crown, it seemed like it would fit more snuggly then most other crowns that I have bought my daughter. It seems like it fits her head great, she is very excited to wear it around. I think it seems to be a high quality crown. We so far have been very happy with this crown.
      0 0
    8. 80%
      BY:Daniel Heo
      This cute tiara was one of the wishlists of my little girl, and it was very cute in person, and
      0 0
    9. 100%
      BY: Customer
      Beautiful, amazing price
      At ~$10, this is an amazing tiara. The gems are large and so sparkly (I got the gold with the AB/iridescent gems). The tiara has a good weight to it and the headband is flexible enough to fit on various heads without feeling cheap. I have two minor complaints, but didn't take away any stars at this price. First is that I'd prefer if there were combs or attachment points for pins because due to the weight, it can slide around a bit. On my 5 year old daughter it tends to slide down her forehead but the headband fits more stable on me (adult female). The second is that the large gems in particular look like they are glued on. It's not obvious so doesn't affect the look, but they're not physically held in place by those little teeth around the gems. Hopefully they don't go anywhere but losing one of the big gems would kind of make this useless. But again, at this price point I think my expectations were exceeded.
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    Items 21 to 29 of 29 total

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